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Custom Made Fastener

ایک فاسٹنر ایک ہارڈ ویئر ڈیوائس ہے جو میکانکی طور پر دو یا دو سے زیادہ اشیاء کو ایک ساتھ شامل کرتا ہے یا اس سے جوڑ دیتا ہے۔ عام طور پر ، فاسٹنر غیر مستقل جوڑ بنانے کے لئے استعمال ہوتے ہیں۔ یعنی جوڑے جو جوڑنے والے اجزاء کو نقصان پہنچائے بغیر ہٹا یا ختم کیا جاسکتے ہیں۔

Most of fasteners are made in accordance with the standards which can be easily bought from market. However, some of the fasteners need to be specially made for meeting its unique applications. In last decades, Auwell has received lots of custom made fastener inquiries and orders. Custom made fastener has becomes one of Auwell’s important product line.

The most common material for custom made fastener are stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. The major grade used in stainless steel fasteners: 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series. Titanium, aluminum, and various alloys are also common materials of construction for metal custom made fastener.

In most of cases, the custom made fastener production started with material hot forging followed by CNC machine, threading and surface treatment. The special coatings or plating may be applied to metal fasteners to improve their performance characteristics by, for example, enhancing corrosion resistance. Common coatings/platings include zinc, chrome, and hot dip galvanizing.

Auwell is capable in CAM programming for high efficiency and desirable quality for our Custom made fastener. The Auwell team can design the necessary fixtures and tools for the milling process and test gauge for Custom made fastener mass production quality control. CMM is available for sample dimensional inspection. PPAP documents are available upon request.


Auwell custom made fastener advantages

-رچ تجربہ

کسٹم میں 20 سال سے زیادہ کی تجربہ نے فاسٹینر کی تیاری اور تیاری کی ، خاص طور پر یورپی اور شمالی امریکہ کے بازاروں کو راغب کیا ، دنیا بھر میں جسمانی ، تکنیکی اور معیار کے معیار کی ٹھوس تفہیم کے ساتھ۔

-فاسٹ ٹرناراؤنڈ

Generally, we provide a quotation for Custom made fastener within 3 working days. Combining the latest manufacturing technologies and facilities, Auwell can provide fast prototypes in just 2 weeks for simple projects.

-جامع حل پرووائڈر

Auwell provides comprehensive services for Custom made fastener starting from designing, through prototyping, tooling/fixture development, sampling, mass production, and logistic and post-sale support. 

-سخت QC پالیسیاں

The most rigorous quality policy for our Custom made fastener starts from material control and is followed through to final pre-shipment inspection. Material certificates include the mill certificate, 3rd party chemical components, and mechanical property reports, as well as RoHS and REACH reports upon request. Other reports include dimensional reports, surface treatment thickness, and salt fog test reports, etc. We structure our processes, creating Flow Charts and Control Plans before production, making sure all QC processes are in accordance with ISO9001-2015 requirements and drawing specifications. 

-لچکدار ادائیگی کی مدت

بڑے پیمانے پر پیداوار کے لئے ، ویلفر لچکدار ادائیگی کی شرائط ، مناسب ساکھ کی شرائط دی جائیں گی ، مؤکل ادائیگی کرتا ہے جب وہ موصول ہونے والی مصنوعات سے خوش ہوتے ہیں۔ طویل مدتی منصوبوں کے ل For ، ہم تیزی سے ترسیل کی ضروریات کے لئے کال آف انوینٹری خدمات پیش کرتے ہیں۔

 The following catalogues of Custom made fastener are the ones that Auwell has produced and supplied to our distinguished worldwide clients. Please click the relevant pictures for details. Please be advised, most of the products are for demonstration purposes only.

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